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How does Digital Marketing work and the importance to Buy Facebook Account for Digital Marketing? As we know Facebook is the biggest social media platform to take advantage of to spare any business, Ideas, or thoughts. So in Digital Marketing, FB plays a very important role to perform your actions.

Facebook is upgrading its algorithms and security to remove spam data. So, they can provide a secure and safe customer experience, we guys focus on these parameters first. You can Buy Facebook Account with high quality like with real friends, with activities, So Facebook treats them as real. We always do manual farming by VirtualBox or MLA. You can ask to renew your proxy and phone number subscription, in beginning we will provide both for two months of free subscription. 

User-agent and Proxy pretending that you are login from a different country and different browser. So Facebook Algorithm cannot trace your identification, you can use your account safely without any noise from the Facebook Algorithm. We deliver you all the information like Email ID, Password, Phone number, Recovery Email, Cookies, Proxy, and User-agent details.

Types of Facebook Accounts

Our store has Old Facebook accounts as well. You also can have real-looking and Us Phone verified 3+ month to 10+ year old Facebook Accounts. These accounts are farmed with activities and each account has a different phone number.

We have Various Kinds of Facebook Accounts like you can Buy Facebook Marketplace Accounts. Sadly, Facebook does not allow us to create the Marketplace with a new account, so we have to wait at least 30-45 days to go on. So we are offering Facebook Marketplace Accounts, we have 3+ month to 6+ year old Marketplace accounts. You can have Shipping Enabled Facebook Accounts as well for drop-shipping.

You can promote your business on Facebook through Ads accounts. We have categories on daily spending limits of Facebook ads accounts like $50, $250, $1500 and unlimited daily spend limits.

Option To Buy Facebook Account

We have 5 options to Buy Facebook accounts from us

Here are some quick questions for better understanding, How to Buy Facebook Accounts?


Is it safe to Buy Facebook Accounts?

Yes, it’s safe to Buy FB accounts as you will use them for marketing purposes. People are using it for ads, marketplace, groups and many other purposes, so it’s safe to use. And I will suggest you don’t buy hacked profiles. Our profiles are fake, and nobody is the owner of our accounts.

Is it safe to use my IP to log in?

Please don’t use your IP to log in as it’s not safe for the accounts, or your account may get suspicious. Each profile comes with a proxy and cookies so that you can use our dedicated broker to login into your desktop.

How to use cookies to log in?

Our FB accounts are Farmed profiles and farmed into our VirtualBox. So we are gathering cookies file with the cookies editor extension, which help you to import cookies into your desktop.

Why buy FB accounts from us?

We know that many sellers like socialaccounts, accfarm and many others in that field. But why buy Facebook accounts from us? Because we have various options to buy old and new profiles from our store. Also, you will get a free proxy and free phone number for six months and you can renew it anytime and increase your subscription pack.

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes, you can buy in bulk, and we will deliver in 24 hours. You can buy any amount of accounts from our store, and we have available no-limit accounts.

Do your account has activities?

Yes, you don’t need to be warm. You can start using your accounts after getting from us without any issue. Our profiles are warmed profiles with a human being on VirtualBox.

What do you mean by activities?

Activities mean warming up. We do some like, comments, share, photo posts and many other thing on it to make it active. So Facebook read it as active and real accounts.

How to receive a phone re-verification code?

You can ask for the phone code over email or else you can invite over website chat. We are always available over there to help you out.

Do you have a limited Business manager?

Nopes, currently, we are out with the no-limit business manager as Facebook has an update and has been closed with the no-limit. So we now have $50 and $250 verified and unverified business managers.

What is your payment method?

We are accepting crypto and Payoneer currently. So you can ask for it if you want to buy with Payoneer and for crypto, you can place the order directly to the site and we will process your order manually.

How and what will you deliver Facebook accounts?

Generally, we are delivering Facebook accounts over your email, which you will use to place the order. And we will deliver to you all the details of Facebook accounts like name, email, FB pass, Email pass, DOB, 2FA code, and instructions file.

Do you have Facebook ads accounts to buy?

Yea, you can buy Facebook ad accounts from our store. You can buy with the business manager or personal ads accounts from our store. Also, we offer you to buy verified BM with a $50 or $250 limit, but we don’t have any limit accounts. And you can Buy unverified business managers with a $50 and $250 limit.

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